Terms Of Service

You must be a business owner age eighteen or older and be a citizen of the United States of America or a permanent resident to use this service. You must own the website/s you want PBC to host.

PBC utilizes award-winning security to protect site content from ransomware, viruses, and we employ several security protocols to protect against various intrusion methods used to gain unauthorized access to servers. PBC is not, however, impervious to targeted cyber attacks. You are responsible for your site content. Limiting the number of personnel granted access to your site, and periodically changing credentials can significantly improve site security. Changing credentials after any change in personnel has been made within your organization is also beneficial. You agree not to hold PBC liable for any loss of site content that becomes compromised, damaged, or rendered useless for any reason.

PBC performs site backups weekly, and backups for your site are available to you upon request. You are responsible for keeping backups in a place that only you have access to 24/7.

You are prohibited from using our servers to host site content that does not belong to you, or that may be considered misleading to the general public, discriminatory, pornographic in nature, or illegal. If determined you or your company is engaging in any activity with the intent of defrauding or misleading the public, we will remove your site content without notice.

We have a zero-tolerance for users of our service sending unsolicited mail from our servers. If caught sending spam from our servers, we will remove your site without notice, and you may be liable to pay PBC up to $2,500 in remunerations in the event your company is responsible for any of our IP addresses becoming blacklisted.

Any personal information provided to PBC will be secured and under no circumstances shared or sold to any outside company for profit. We prohibit the storing of any personal information belonging to you or your employees, such as credit card numbers, driver's licenses, or residential addresses on our server. If you operate a shopping cart or e-commerce website, you cannot store credit card information on our servers.

PBC will not be subject to or bound by any copy-write infringement laws concerning any material you display on your website in the form of photographs, images, or video.

PBC has taken precautions to the best of our ability to ensure site visibility at all times. We cannot, however, control acts of nature or other unforeseen circumstances that may temporarily inhibit site content from displaying. You will not hold PBC liable for any loss of revenue you might incur as a result of site content not being displayed, nor will you hold PBC liable for any lack of performance regarding your website. Our website hosting services are provided on an "As Is" basis.

PBC does not provide money-back guarantees of any kind. All purchases are final, and refunds or pro-rated funds are not available regardless of when you cancel your services.