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Zero Downtime Free SSL Certificate Website Monitoring 24x7 Unlimited Email Boxes Dedicated IP address Security

Many hosting companies reel you in with low, introductory pricing. You've seen the promotions, $1 a month for the first three months, $2.65 a month to start. And before you realize it, you are paying one price for the hosting, one price for Office 365 or other mail services, one price for an SSL Certificate, and if you want backups or personal security to protect against viruses or ransomware, you'll pay even more. And beware of "24/7 monitoring". All this means is that the hosting company is safeguarding their servers, NOT YOUR WEBSITE. In fact, due to many legitimate concerns, it is almost impossible for a large hosting company to scan every Website on their servers for viruses & ransomeware. Hosting companies promote such things as Unmetered Bandwidth, 100 GB of storage, and lots of RAM. The average Website, without e-commerce services, takes up less than 10 Megabytes of storage and uses so little bandwidth it's not worth mentioning. Some hosting companies charge for monitoring services, and even if it free, you oversee the monitoring and must troubleshoot the problem when your site goes down. And most websites hosted with big companies see some downtime. Fact - By the time you have an SSL installed, register for weekly backups, and opt-in for 3rd party email, most businesses hosting a website spend between $206 and $315 per year for one site, and this does not include a dedicated IP which has a lot of advantages, website security or site monitoring.

The Solution

Our Website Hosting Service was born out of necessity and offers business people a unique, personalized alternative to Hosting a Site. Hosting your Website with us guarantees you Virtually Zero Downtime, saves you money, and gives you peace of mind. We'll Migrate Your Website for you, and get everything working as it should. We'll supply a Free SSL Certificate for your site, a $99 value, and we'll Monitor Your Website & Site Pages 24x7 . Each website comes with (Free) Email Service with Unlimited Email Boxes with every domain, and we'll set up your mail system for you, a $120 Value. We provide you with a Dedicated IP address, a $25 Value. And a dedicated IP (Static IP) has advantages over a Dynamic IP, but the most beneficial use is to decrease the chance of mail you send from being blocked because of someone else's abuse on a shared server. Bitdefender is the official Security Software utilized on our servers and email infrastructure, providing award-winning virus, malware, and ransomware protection with every onsite-scanning, a $109 Value. All aspects of server security are essential, which is why we utilize the right encryption and security protocols on our servers for every client. Test the Server your website is on HERE. Our Website Hosting is a real solution for any business owner that desires to save money, time, and circumvent the aggravation that almost always accompanies ordinary hosting plans. Phone support is available from 9 AM to 6 PM EST Mon-Sat. Email support is available 24/7.

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Price Guarantee

We do not bate and switch services, or provide limited-time offers. We know how much you hate this practice. The only time you will see a price increase is when we have to pay more for system services, which is seldom. So we can guarantee you that your price will not change from year to year, and should we need to increase rates down the road, it will be minuscule, and we'll notify you before your renewal date.

What You Need To Know

We Host all custom websites built with HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, JQuery, ASP,, and other compatible languages suitable for the Windows server environment. Sorry, No WordPress sites. FTP client access is set up for every site owner, and we also provide, easy to follow along, one on one instructions with a representative for using FTP clients if needed. So, if you are a beginner, don't fret. We are not a Domain Name Register, yet, but we can assist you with purchasing domain names, setting up an account with a register, and we'll take care of everything for you. We can also accommodate business owners with custom site development if needed.