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Our service was born out of necessity and offers restaurateurs and other types of business professionals a unique, personalized alternative to Hosting your website. Hosting your website with us guarantees you Virtually Zero Downtime, saves you money, and gives you peace of mind. All items listed below, excluding website maintenance, come standard with our hosting plan.

SSL Certificate

Security for your website environment is paramount. Having an SSL certificate is necessary for your protection and that of others. SSL encrypts data such as credit card information a customer may input to make a purchase on your website, become a rewards member, or to join an e-club you may have. SSL encrypts data in transit from a web browser to a destination server, ensuring personal data stays hidden from unwanted eyes. Because of the importance of encryption, we do not host websites without an SSL Certificate.

Dedicated IP Address

Having a dedicated IP ( Internet Protocol Address ) for your domain has many advantages over a dynamic IP. You are more vulnerable, sharing IP addresses with other sites on a shared hosting environment. You may, without even realizing it, fall prey to someone else's abuse. Many times ISP's, or third-party companies blacklist IP addresses thought to be responsible for sending spam from a server. A dedicated IP address helps maintain your domain & email reputation by isolating the incoming and outgoing traffic to your website.

Website Monitoring

Our private servers are monitored 24/7. Every website and associated pages are tagged and scanned every 60 seconds continuously. In the event a web page is compromised and ceases to display, our technical team receives a system alert. Automated alerts are sent every two minutes until the issue has been resolved. We assess system alerts in real-time and take steps to resolve any technical problems immediately. If a problem arises from a developmental issue on your end, a representative will directly contact you or your web developer.

Website Security

We utilize Award-winning Cyber Security technologies to eliminate Viruses, Malware, and Ransomware threats. And we don't use the phrase Award-winning lightly. The security systems we employ are robust and have taken First Place in rigorous testing done by various testing facilities throughout the world. Why is this so important? Every day thousands of websites get hacked. Sites hosted by popular hosting companies get hacked each year. Please don't take our word for it, Google it. Every website page, including mail systems on our servers, is scanned hourly to find and eradicate threats. We also perform manual system checks daily to monitor incoming traffic and assist security products we employ, which is a difficult task for enormous hosting companies to do.

Unlimited Email Boxes

Email services do pose an additional security risk. Many popular website hosting companies are not equipped to offer reliable email services or don't want the hassle that comes with maintaining an email infrastructure. Many present third-party email as a solution. And these solutions come with an added expense and a limited number of mailboxes. Fortunately, we are an ESP, and our foundation was built upon providing email services. You'll pay nothing for your feature-rich email client and have all the mailboxes you may need for your domain at no additional cost.

Bandwidth & Storage

In general, every hosting company allocates enough bandwidth for users to run websites and applications successfully, whether it be an eCommerce site receiving thousands of visitors a day or a basic business site that receives fewer than a hundred visitors a day. We still have not figured out what companies mean by unlimited bandwidth because it does not exist. In the spirit of transparency, we can tell you that the bandwidth and storage required to run your website and applications successfully will be appropriated.

Website Maintenance & Upkeep

Our website maintenance program is a viable alternative to paying exorbitant prices to change a few links on your website or upload a few pictures during the year. Using our program gives you ( Five Clock Hours ) of assistance from a qualified website developer to have site links changed, site photography added or removed, and other content uploaded to your site each year. Perfect for the business owner who wants to save money but likes to refresh the website's look or promote special events a few times a year. And you only pay $19 a month in addition to your hosting fee.


We don't offer add-ons, special packages, or different tier pricing. We believe this is disingenuous and does not serve in the best interest of our business community. In today's world, even if you are putting up a website to promote your favorite hobby, it is essential to keep your environment safe. We provide every customer with an SSL Certificate, Website Monitoring 24x7, Unlimited Email Boxes & Set Up, A Dedicated IP address, Website Security to protect against Viruses, Ransomeware, and Malware. We also ensure our customers have the Bandwidth they need as well as Website Back-ups when requested at no charge.

Website Development

Don't be fooled by the ads you see for Free websites. We all know, nothing in life is free. Owning your website and content that you can take with you anywhere you go is far better than settling for a bargain site you don't own or can't take with you should you ever want to host your website with a different company. Many companies advertising free websites end up charging more for hosting and lots of addons. And you can forget about site security and monitoring. We can build you a custom, responsive website to look any way you want, starting at $450. And you can host it wherever you want. If interested, take a moment to

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